Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Secretarial services are designed for companies to outsource their administrative requirements without increasing overheads, or on a project basis. Used by large companies and sole traders, providing a secretarial support service on a Pay As You Go basis.

Sole Traders and companies of all types and sizes benefit from:

  • Regular resource without committing to the employment of staff on fixed terms
  • Ad-hoc additional resource for holiday/maternity cover, projects and busy periods
  • Zero recruitment agency fees.

Every customer is assigned a dedicated assistant, who works on an hourly or daily basis in accordance with each customer’s individual needs.

  • All businesses suffer from sickness of staff at critical moments
  • Increased temporary workload
  • Staff departures at the most inconvenient time
  • Maternity leave
  • And numerous other difficulties, when what we need are solutions.

We can offer you a very cost effective way of dealing with many of the problems listed above.

We provide a comprehensive Virtual Secretaries support from the Triple Helix VS Group.

Should we use a Virtual Assistant?

Those in need of a secretary or typist have a choice: either they can advertise their need with an agency, newspaper, or jobs website (all of which takes time and money and is somewhat hit and miss in terms of consistency of quality) or, at the click of a few buttons or a telephone call can trial our Virtual Secretaries remotely or we can attend in person if it’s required, and if you’re not happy with the result you will had minimal wastage of time and funds, and no further obligation to use us again. However, we have every confidence in our team to provide you with the support require to the quality you expect in a time that will surprise you. So contact us to see how we can help.

To discuss your requirements or to request a no obligation quote: